About Me!!!!


I'm April Fe Anotado Pasion! I am an 18 year old model here in Calgary, Canada, born and raised! My family was born in the Philippiness while my siblings and I are born in Canada. I have two siblings. An older brother and an younger sister. I am born on April 9th, 1999, and thats the name that my parents gave me because they just gave up on what to name me since I was born 8 months early. 


About me is that I am an very energetic person, who loves to be around positive, fun people! I enjoy the company of others like I do by myself. I am a dancer back in Junior High (St. Rose of Lima) and back in HighSchool (Father Lacombe).  As said earlier, I am a model with Numa Calgary. I started modelling on September 9th 2017. The company helped me carry on my journey on becoming who I want to be when I became older (which is an makeup artist). I am not that well known around in highschool, because I would be quiet but would find a way to push my confidence every steps of the way! Currently, even tho I am working with Numa, I still have a great part time job as a cashier as well.

Here are my social medias:

- Instagram: x_aprillirpa_x

- Snapchat: animechick1

Until the next post!

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